Transact Safe and Hassle-free With Major Pawn

Everyday, millions of Americans visit pawn shops when they are in need of some cash.  Unforeseen events and emergencies lead them to use personal possessions as collateral for short term loans. If you ever find yourself about to transact with a pawn broker, here are some things to remember that will guarantee not only your safety, but will also ensure you that you are getting your item’s worth.

First of all, you must keep in mind that pawn shops such as Major Pawn are legitimate operating businesses. They are not the shady hole-in-the-wall establishments portrayed in some movies. We are a state regulated pawn shop in New York which makes our interest rates lower than others. We are bound by law not to charge you more than a 3% base interest rate per month.

Being a privately owned business, we are able to continually serve you by generating profit. Remember that pawning or selling will only give you a percentage of your item’s worth. Do not expect to get a full retail price on your item. What Major Pawn can assure you is that we will give you an accurate appraisal on your gold, silver, jewelry, coins, watches, and other valuable possessions. We will always give you a loan/price that is fair to both of us.

PawnWe make pawning and selling easy and hassle-free for you. Unlike other pawn shops, we do not require running a credit check on you beforehand. As long as you are at least 18 years old and have a valid I.D. with you, you can do business with us. You can be in and out of our store with your needed cash in hand in a matter of minutes.

We understand that most of the customers who come into our store pawn items that have great sentimental value to them. You do not have to worry about your valuables because we keep everything in a safe deposit. They are licensed, bonded, insured, and will be returned to you in the same condition as you left them.

Speaking of condition, another advantage of choosing Major Pawn is that we accept items in any condition. Some pawn shops only accept those that are in perfect shape. But we accept broken jewelry, watches, and anything else made from valuable material. We do not care how long you’ve used an item as long as we still see potential value in it.

Once you have left an item with us, you are by no means obligated to come back for it and repay your loan. We operate by a “no strings attached” policy that a lot of our customers find convenient. Remember though that if the deadline expires and you do not pay, unless you ask for an extension, the ownership of your item will transfer to us. We are free to resell it in our shop.

Finally, we are a pawn shop that puts customer service above all. We want you to leave our store feeling good about the transaction. You are free to negotiate with us and ask us questions.

Other important reminders

• If you want to get as much money as possible, be sure to offer us something valuable. Gold, jewelry, and diamonds will almost always guarantee a high loan amount because these are things that can appreciate in value. We are not too excited about gadgets, electronic devices, and other things that are dated or could be obsolete in a few years.
• Do not be offended if we ask you questions about the ownership of the item.  It is legally stipulated that only the owner of the item is allowed to offer it to a pawn shop.
• Never lose your ticket because without it, you will not be able to reclaim your item.
• Try not to wait until the last minute to reclaim your item. We always send a notice 30 days prior to the expiration of your 4-month contract.
• Make sure that you understand all the terms of our agreement. If you have any questions, we will be more than happy to answer them for you.

If you want a trusted and reliable pawn shop with years of experience, visit a Major Pawn branch near you.

The Practical Uses of Lanyards – Branding, Homes and More

You probably have a bunch of ID lanyards somewhere at your office desk right now. You may also be probably wearing one right this second. These nylon or polyester cords are starting to gain grounds particularly in the business world. Once you step out of your office and see other working people with lanyards around their neck, you will see what the aforesaid sentence means.

ID Lanyards as a simple yet efficient branding solution

Inventive yet cost-effective – the use of lanyards has gone beyond what is typical. More than ways to hang your IDs, these nylon cords are now becoming tools for branding.

The names and logos of a company, organization, school and any type of groups appear in bold, colorful and attention-grabbing forms on the face of these lanyards. Most of the time, you cannot help but get curious about the text printed on them.

LanyardsCompanies are also using neck lanyards as a mean to recognize employees alongside the usual items such as certificates, custom pins, etc. In addition to these uses, decorative lanyards are also used in welcoming guests as a replacement for the typical pin and as a modern take for the traditional garland.

Students from major universities also get to ‘wear their school’ loud and proud using these lanyards. Even younger pupils also get to display their schools with colorful neck lanyards. It has also become a common practice now in schools to provide these items specifically for their student use.

ID lanyards as innovative souvenir items for business and personal events

Seminars, conventions and other corporate events also make use of lanyards today not only as an ID holder, but also as a souvenir item. Why not? It is practical and you can immediately reuse those cords right after the event.

Moreover, there are also green advocates who are encouraging people to reuse and recycle these cords and make them functional again. Artsy people also have unceasing ideas on how to use these cords in fun and unusual ways. For instance, you can twist and tie old lanyards together to create leash for your dogs. The best part of it all is that these nylon and polyethylene materials do not add to the amount of waste the planet already has to deal with.

ID Lanyards as your ultimate tools at home and outside home

Lanyards are ultimately among the most useful pieces of cords at home. Mothers may opt to keep some cords handy for kitchen use. They can also be utilized in hanging small tools and organizing items in the garage. Provided with hooks and rings at the end of the cords, these materials serve as superb tools when it comes to securing the most frequently misplaced small items around the house. These include the keys, locks, pens, etc.

People who wear glasses can also benefit from all cords. With a little creativity, these straps can be twisted or braided to form an attractive-looking and unique cord for the prescription glasses. In addition, it can likewise be used as safety strap for your gadgets – cameras, iPods, tablets, etc.

For campers, keeping a couple of lanyards is likewise a big help. It can be used to secure compass, Swiss knives, and other valuable must-haves of a camper. With its thorough and water-proof properties, these straps are highly used in rigorous outdoor activities.

The list of the usage of these cords can go on and on. It is also highly possible that you can discover another use yourself. The most important thing to remember is to become responsible users and not let a bunch of ID lanyards go to waste.

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Wholesalelanyards can craft a lanyard design that’s perfect for your company, group or institution. Lanyards are well-known for being able to secure different kinds of things, ranging from cards and keys to phones and wallets.ID lanyards are a great way to reinforce your brand in a subtle way with customers while keeping your staff secure at the same time

TaylorMade Golf: Driving Forward Since 1979

Back in the 70’s, a salesman named Gary Adams had a realization: golf balls are improving, but the things that are used to hit them off the tee are not. Wood has always been the material of choice for drivers prior to his innovation in 1979. While wood was a great choice for hitting off the tee, Adams had always seen it as slow compared to how golf ball technology was advancing. This led him to the realization that the wooden driver needed to improve in order to keep up. This article talks about Taylormade golf, its origins, and how they are still one of the leaders as far as golf products are concerned.

What is Taylormade Golf?

Taylormade golfTaylormade golf is a manufacturer of golf clubs, balls, bags, and golf accessories currently based in Carlsbad, California. It’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of Adidas group, and has been making golf clubs since 1979. Today, Taylormade is seen as the global leader in golf equipment, especially with drivers. A lot of statistics show that Taylormade golf drivers are favoured by more PGA players than other golf clubs combined. This stems from the fact that there are more PGA staff professionals working with TaylorMade than any other company.

History of TaylorMade Golf

TaylorMade started off as an idea by Gary Adams. As a player, he has seen great improvements in the golf ball over the past few years of him being in the game. Distances have improved thanks to technologies like dimpling and the core of the ball itself. However, he felt that there was another way golfers could improve their scores apart from using the new and improved golf balls. He started looking at how the balls left the tee, especially what people were hitting it with: the wooden woods. Seeing the improvement he can make with what we know today as the driver, Adams went out and got a $24,000 loan, leased a 6,000-square-foot television assembly plant in McHenry, Illinois and started working on his invention: the metal wood, a driver made of metal. He applied the innovation of perimeter weighting seen in golf irons to his drivers, and has since become the biggest thing in golf. As the son of a professional golfer, he wanted to make sure that his clubs had the authentic feel and look of the wooden drivers that were still the popular choice for golfers of that time.

Taylormade golf was independently owned until 1984, when Salmons S.A. acquired the company. TaylorMade saw the advantage of having international ties with Salmons, which is why they agreed to the sale. It would only last until 1997, when the Adidas group would complete their purchase of Taylormade golf. In 2005, they became the top driver used in golf, after Adidas refocused all the company’s attention on making drivers, the product that started it all.

Today, Taylormade manufactures drivers, fairway woods, hybrids (which they call rescues), irons, wedges, and golf balls. They also market other golf accessories such as golf bags. Taylormade also makes putters which were previously marketed under the Rossa brand until 2010.

Taylormade Products

As of today, Taylormade boasts the following product line:

  • Drivers
    • JetSpeed
    • SLDR
    • R1
    • RocketBallz Stage 2
  • Fairway Woods
    • JetSpeed
    • SLDR
    • RocketBallz Stage 2
  • Rescues (commonly known as hybrids)
    • JetSpeed
    • SLDR
    • RocketBallz Stage 2
  • Irons
    • Speedblade
    • Tour Preferred
    • RocketBladez
    • RocketBallz
  • Wedges
    • Tour Preferred
    • ATV
    • Speedblade
    • RocketBladez
  • Putters (formerly under Rossa)
    • Ghost Spider Si
    • Daddy Long Legs
    • Spider Blade
    • Ghost Tour Series
    • Spider Mallet
    • Ghost Spider S
    • White Smoke
  • Golf Balls
    • Project (a)
    • Tour Preferred
    • My Number
    • RocketBallz
    • Burner
    • Noodle
  • Accessories
    • Apparel
    • Golf bags
    • Carts
    • Stand

With this much to offer from one golf company, TaylorMade can really stake its claim as one of, if not the biggest golf manufacturer in the country.

Storage Solutions for People On the Go

In this modern age, we are always on the go. We move around a lot, heading from one place to another. Some of us even consider themselves as instant travellers, frequenting different places in a number of times in a year. The reasons for hopping from city to city, state to state may vary, depending on our own wants and storage needs at the given time and circumstance that we do so.

For the professionals, businessmen for instance, they regularly go overseas for their mandatory business trips with their colleagues, employees and clients, which could last for a few days or even weeks. While there are others, the laid back ones, grab their chances of having their much needed vacations and time outs from their busy city lives.

Storage containerBefore the departure day comes, preparations at our homes must first be taken care of; assuring that everything is in place. Checklists are in order; what to bring, what to throw away, what to keep and more importantly, where to keep it. For those of us who only rent our current pads in the city or for those who share a flat with fellow housemates, it would be impractical and unsafe to just leave behind belongings unguarded for the period of time that we will not be around. And for the wealthier travellers who own their houses, it is far more unsafe to leave valuables unmonitored, especially if the items (furniture and appliances) displayed inside flashy cribs are very lavish and high-end ones. Times are pretty dangerous nowadays no matter what state we are in. And we cannot afford to be lax about keeping track of the level of safety inside and around our homes.

The best way to be precautious in making sure that our valuables are secured before leaving home is by safe-keeping them in storage container. This container is designed to give maximum protection to our things. May it be small, big or extra-large ones, we can have it all checked in. The quality or quantity of the items that we bring in is not an issue for admittance. Storage container can accommodate whatever items we feel need safe keeping.

If you are a tenant who would be out of the country for a while, renting one storage container unit is highly recommended. You would save your landlord or your housemates the trouble of (forcefully) looking after your things while you are away. You and your landlord may even come to an arrangement of cutting or freezing rental fees, since technically you are not using the place for the time being that you are gone.

The same goes if you are a house owner. If you do not fully trust your neighborhood and you get paranoid with the mere thought of breaking and entering your beautiful and cherished home, storage container can serve as your “watchdogs”. The prized items you will admit in the container will all be placed under round the clock monitoring.

Most importantly, since it is prearranged that the confidentiality of our profiles and documents for every storage container use are respected, we can be assured that the only ones who can have full access to the designated storage container are ourselves.

So as our plane takes off and takes us to different places and as we embark on our purposes for spending days, weeks or months in our chosen destinations, we can take comfort knowing that the valued things that we leave behind in the city are well taken care of and that it will all be right where it is safe kept, awaiting our return.

Hiring a Good Old Westbury Real Estate Agent

Serenity, peace, fresh air, and a quiet neighborhood—these might be the factors that will make you want to invest in Old Westbury real estate instead of those in the more active areas of New York. Whether you are looking to buy your first property or interested in adding another property to your asset portfolio, it is important that you look for a trusted and reputable agent to handle the acquisition. The last thing you would want on your hands is getting rid of a property that you first thought was a good buy.

real estateLooking for a trustworthy real estate agent in Old Westbury is not too difficult as there are many who specialize in that area. However, dishonest, opportunistic, and irresponsible agents who are only concerned with making sales are not uncommon, either.

You should know what to look for in a good real estate agent to make sure you end up doing business with one.

1.Old Westbury real estate agents should have a thorough knowledge of all the areas of the community. If a client has children who still go to school, the agent must be ready to recommend certain areas that have schools or universities nearby. Remember that a real estate agent who cannot recommend the right locations is not a good agent at all.

2.Instead of meeting agents in their offices, make it a point to go and meet them in their working environments. Hardworking agents should spend less time at their desks and more time in the field.

3.Choose an agent who has a reputation of being able to close many properties and also one that already has years of experience. The more properties an agent was able to close in a year, the better and farther his experience is.

4.A good way to meet good agents in Old Westbury is by visiting open houses even if you are not interested in buying the property being showcased. Open houses are often a tool used by real estate companies to find buyers.

5.If a friend or a relative has worked with an agent in the past and they are satisfied, you might want to contact that agent. Agents who are known to deliver good results for others in the past are more likely to deliver the same good results for you.

6.Good agents must be internet-savvy since most buyers prefer to search for property online first.

7.Interview your prospective agents and choose one who has realistic views. Offers that are too good to be true should raise red flags.

In a nutshell, it is always important to look for an agent who is working for a particular company that has closed the deals on many Old Westbury properties in the past. Once you find a good agent, looking for good property in Old Westbury will be guaranteed.

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If you are Looking for a trustworthy real estate agent in Old Westbury then you should know exactly what to look for in a good real estate agent. Check the URL to know more about good Westbury real estate agents.

Characteristics of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards or PCBs are thin copper plates where chips and other electronic components are located.  They offer mechanical and electronic support and interconnection of various devices.

The number of copper layers that can be found on a circuit board can range from one layer, two layers, and even multiple copper layers. Conductors and resistors are embedded in the different layers on advanced PCBs. These conductive tracks are then connected with plated-through wholes commonly referred to as vias. The finished circuit board is composed of one printed side and the opposite component side.  Component leads are affixed to the component side of the plate using the molten solder from a wave-soldering machine.

Alternative methods of producing circuit boards include wire wrap, turret, boards, and point-to-point construction. However, the ease of large scale manufacture and assembly has made PCBs the preferred method for cheap and fast circuit board production. This is despite the fact that they are more tedious to design and layout.  In addition, automated assembly lessens the chances of wiring errors that could be committed from manual construction.

Although it is no longer commonly used, the correct term for a PCB that is only composed of copper wiring or connections is printed wiring board or etched wiring board. On the other hand, a circuit board occupied by a number of electronic components is called printed circuit assembly or PCB assembly, are also more generally known simply as cards or adapters although the term PCB is used unofficially for both unfinished and assembled boards. Aside from these different names, it should also be noted that many computers often consist of one or more cards that fall into one of several categories.

The first and most recognized type of printed circuit board in computers and other expandable systems is known as the motherboard. As the name suggests, motherboards are the mother of many of the major electronic components of the computer such as the CPU and RAM as well as other minor controllers. They are referred to as main boards or system boards when no additional expansion capability is offered by the single board such as in the case with washing machines. In addition, they provide connectors for the attachment of peripheral devices.

Printed Circuit BoardsThe second type of printed circuit boards is the expansion board. Expansion boards facilitate the flow of information between the motherboard and other devices attached to a computer system. These devices include controller boards, LAN cards and video adapters.

Controller boards are a special type of expansion board that literally allows you to control any device attached to a motherboard. On the other hand, Network Interface Cards enable your computer to connect to a local-area network or LAN.  Finally, video adapters allow you to control graphics monitors attached to your PC.

The third type of printed circuit boards is called daughter board or daughter card. These circuit boards are meant to be an extension or daughter mainly of the motherboard, but they also occasionally attach to other boards. Compared to the expansion board however, they can provide direct access to the internal hardware without the use of a computer bus. They can also save manufacturers the hassle of overhauling an outdated model by simply accommodating innovations added to a new model. Daughter cards can also be called riser cards when they are used to maintain a computer’s slim form by allowing expansion cards to fit parallel to the motherboard.

Printed circuit boards can look relatively similar to those with untrained eyes and those unfamiliar with their different types and functions. However regardless of these technical limitations, it is undeniable that all of the various forms of circuit board serve vital functions that provide us with great convenience in using our electronic devices. Even though these boards are hidden deep within the confines of your gadgets, it is still important to recognize their contributions in your day-to-day activities.

Military Coins and Their Value

People in the military always try to bring out their best in any situation. This is one of the most important characteristics that all members of the military should possess. Some men and women in the field of the military even go an extra mile beyond their call of duty. In this essence, military coins are awarded to some soldiers who are committed to providing genuine service to their country. These coins are also referred to as military challenge coins, commander coins, and unit coins. Regardless of the way they are called, one thing is for sure. It is the fact that these coins symbolize so many wonderful things such as honor, pride, goodwill and respect.

military coinsMilitary challenge coins are typically awarded by a superior officer, perhaps the commanding officer of a certain unit or branch in the military. These items are given out to outstanding soldiers who are dedicated in offering their services and even doing the ultimate sacrifice of losing their lives. The awarding of these challenge coins serve as the way of acknowledging and appreciating all the good things that soldiers do for their fellow citizens.

This is a great way on how the government and the military can say “thank you” to the brave men and women who continuously fight for the country’s safety and liberty. They are much more meaningful than the verbal expression of gratitude. In fact, these items can never be replaced by anything as they carry tremendous value to members of the military. When the time comes for the soldiers to come back home after completing their service, they usually bring their treasured military coins together with other possessions such as photographs, dog tags and wedding rings.

Military challenge coins are available in a wide range of styles, colors, shapes and sizes. They are usually designed in such a way that they efficiently represent their real significance. They are especially designed in consideration of the particular event or achievement in which they are awarded for. Almost every soldier carries their challenge coins to any place they go. This is one way of expressing their honor and pride of being able to give their service to country. In addition, the commanding officer, the unit leader or any superior has the power to include his or her own preference when it comes to the design of the coins. Military coins are also designed specifically based on the rank of the soldier to whom they will be awarded. For instance, basic battalion challenge coins can be awarded to a command sergeant who represents his battalion.

Soldiers who do not have a high position in the military can also have their own military challenge coins. They can obtain them from Post Exchange, which gives challenge coins to soldiers who have shown outstanding performance while on duty. An officer within a certain chain of command is not the only person who can award military coins. In some instances, a unit leader of another chain of command can give acknowledgment to any outstanding soldier of a different chain of command. This is possible when the officer of another chain of command interacts often with different chains of command and he or she observes the performance of members of various unit or divisions. This is an excellent way for a soldier to get the challenge coins that he deserves.

In general, the military coins with rare designs are typically more valuable. Coin collectors always look for these kinds of coins, as they are definitely an awesome addition to their collection. One of the best places to get these coins is from reliable military supply shops or for more details you can also visit Challengecoins4less. Aside from the fact that they are valuable monetarily, these military challenge coins are highly significant as they symbolize the camaraderie, bravery, selflessness and honor of the members of the military.

What is a Keynote Speech?

A keynote speech is a speech delivered by a keynote speaker in order to educate, as well as to summarize the most important topics in a certain event. It is like an outline of the details and issues that are bound to be discussed in that said event. It usually takes 30 to 50 minutes to deliver a keynote speech.

Keynote speakerUnlike other speeches, writing or drafting a keynote speech could take 1 to 2 weeks because you need to consider a lot of things first before you can finally summarize your speech. That’s why a keynote speaker needs to do extensive research. Aside from the general topic, a keynote speaker needs to know more about his audience, the client’s purpose, and the most commonly asked questions on the subject.

Well, organizing and outlining a keynote speech lets you cut down on the revisions you’ll have to make.

Also, do take note of the following tips and techniques on how to draft and outline your keynote speech:

1. Know your purpose

You have to start from the end. As a keynote speaker, you need to know your main goal first and set your standards. Use it as your motivation to reach the top. This will save you from talking in circles that could bore your listeners. Make sure that you are delivering a speech that matches your client’s needs to avoid conflict.

2. Start with an outline

Put your purpose or goal in the last part. Make sure that all your outlines are directed to your goal. This will help guide you in your speech. You would know which way to go and what humor to use.

3. Split your speech

It is always better to write in paragraphs. This will make your audience understand and catch up with what you’re saying. You can use drawings, lines, and bullets in drafting your keynote speech.

4. Use your research in creating your keynote speech

Base your speech on the information you found. Your first and last statements must be captivating because these are the parts where you’re going make an impression.

5. Use your heart as much as your head

Aside from thinking of the general topic and other important information about the event, don’t forget to consider the connection that you need to build with your audience. You’ll have to show love and compassion through your words and actions. They will know if you’re sincerely happy about educating them.

6. Try to look at things from different perspectives

You have to consider not only your point of view but also your audience’s. Think about the level or depth of the topic and come up with ways on how to deliver it according to your listeners’ ability. Consider what the audience might think about your speech. Review your research and be familiar with the audience, especially in terms of what you can and can’t say.

7. Make your keynote speech as unique as possible

Think of the ways to make it exciting and interesting. Use humor whenever appropriate or necessary. Make your audience feel loved and happy.

8. Draft your keynote speech using keywords and notes

Don’t write your whole speech. Make them appear like outlines. You don’t need to memorize or read your speech. An outline is enough to guide you because a keynote speech is better when delivered in a spontaneous way.

Let these tips and techniques guide you in making your own speech. Keynote speakers are smart people and are capable of facilitating wonderful discussions. However, as pointed out, being a speaker doesn’t just require intelligence; it’s also crucial to have compassion and the ability to connect.

Why Settle in Dubai Hotel Apartments ?

Dubai has been put forward as the shopping and tourist mecca of the world, it being the middle ground and the gateway between the East and the West.  But more than that, it has become the place where most people want to stay for a long time.  This has resulted to the proliferation of Dubai hotel apartments in several areas across the region.

shopping and tourist Aside from shopping and the sights of Dubai, you might ask why a foreigner would want to settle in Dubai.  There are plenty of reasons to cite.  Dubai is known to be a safe country with a stable political condition.  It is also centrally located and has excellent institutional support for education and healthcare.  It also have a lot of modern infrastructures that make it easy to navigate the area.  What is most attractive to foreigners is that salaries are tax-free.  With an attractive opportunity at life and all the benefits that are accorded indiscriminately to residents and visitors alike, it is certainly not a bad idea to pack one’s bags and move to this city.

Something new and different always happens in this country, with constant developments that offer visitors and tourists more than what they expect.  Facilities and comfort for its residents and visitors is always at the top of the list of priorities for these developments.

renting propertyA lot of people would want to live in Dubai because it offers opportunities for everyone.  Aside from the rising economy, there are also a lot of places for leisure and relaxation, both for residents and non-residents. Enjoying the place is almost always the feedback from all people who have passed, visited or stayed in Dubai.

Owning a property in Dubai is an appealing prospect.  Not everyone who comes to Dubai has the benefit of having company-provided accommodation, thus the popularity of Dubai hotel apartments.  For those starting in Dubai, it can be challenging to purchase one’s own property, but it is not a completely far-fetched idea.  One can either rent a hotel apartment for a long-term lease, or own a unit in newly-constructed buildings, which can be made into one’s own residence or rented out for more revenue.  There are several options in renting and leasing of property that one can choose from.

Some people would want to move to Dubai for all the opportunities being given to them, but are afraid because of the opinion that rentals and properties in Dubai are expensive, knowing the high standards that they maintain.  However, it is always possible to find something that works to one’s budget, and Dubai hotel apartments are the top choice for this, provided that one knows where to look.  One should just look for a place which matches one’s needs and fits into one’s budget.  Patience and persistence are key to finding your ideal residence from among the list of hotel apartments available in Dubai.

Once one finds his or her own ideal home, there is nothing else to do but to enjoy the benefits of this open city – the shops and sights, the many attractions, and the exciting events to discover in Dubai.

tourist and business destinationDubai hotel apartments are on the upswing because of its convenience.  And when one is comfortably living in Dubai, the window of opportunities will be opened, and no regret will come to one’s mind about moving into the region which almost all people all over the world look at as a developing lion, emerging into being the top tourist and business destination.

With a booming economy and tourism industry, Dubai will no longer be just a destination of choice, but an ideal place to settle and live in as well.  Dubai can most certainly be your next home.